Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery ensures precise skin cancer removal, preserving healthy tissue. Discover its effectiveness in treating specific skin cancers with maximum preservation.

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Mohs surgery, named after Dr. Frederic Mohs who developed the technique, is a precise surgical procedure aimed at removing skin cancer layer by layer.

This procedure stands out for its meticulous approach, targeting the affected area while preserving healthy tissue.

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a specialized technique for treating skin cancer, primarily non-melanoma types.

It involves the methodical removal of cancerous tissue layer by layer, examining each layer microscopically in real-time until no cancer cells remain.

This process continues until the entire cancerous growth is removed, while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

Why is it Necessary?

The precision of Mohs surgery makes it highly effective in treating skin cancer, especially in areas where preserving healthy tissue is crucial, such as the face or sensitive skin regions.

This technique offers the highest cure rates for many types of skin cancer while maintaining maximum tissue preservation.

Who Performs It?

Mohs surgery requires a skilled team comprising dermatologic surgeons specially trained in this technique.

These professionals possess expertise in both surgical removal and histopathology, enabling them to perform the surgery, analyze tissue samples, and guide the precise removal of cancerous cells.

Who Needs This Procedure?

Individuals diagnosed with certain types of skin cancer, particularly those in cosmetically and functionally sensitive areas or tumors with poorly defined edges, may benefit from Mohs surgery.

Patients seeking the highest cure rates while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue often opt for this procedure.

What are the Consequences of Not Undergoing the Procedure?

Avoiding Mohs surgery for eligible cases of skin cancer might lead to incomplete removal of cancerous cells.

This can result in cancer recurrence, potentially requiring more extensive surgery later on, increased scarring, and a higher risk of complications.


Mohs surgery is a precise and effective treatment for certain types of skin cancer.

Its meticulous approach offers high cure rates while prioritizing tissue preservation, making it a preferred choice for many patients.

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