Mission & Vision

Established with the aim to offer the highest quality of healthcare services in an intimate and comfortable environment, Al Farid Hospital was founded on the following mission, vision, values, and objectives.


To provide compassionate, superior, and cutting-edge healthcare to patients.


To be an innovative, leading regional hospital dedicated to transforming the health of people through unmatched patient-centered care, excellent clinical practice, and the highest standards of physician and employee commitment.


The values that drive Al Farid Hospital to be a premier healthcare provider to the whole world.

Centers of Excellence

To offer specialized care under one roof, providing international medical expertise with local hospitality to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

Exclusivity Attained

To maintain our exclusivity by providing VIP concierge healthcare and the highest quality medical care and services integrated with luxurious amenities.

Delivering Love

To be passionate about helping individuals maintain a healthy mind and body.


The objectives that drive us.

To provide a friendly, family-centric, and comforting environment to all patients.

To advance patient care by offering the latest treatments.

To offer personalized care to patients by employing a sufficient number of experienced and knowledgeable medical personnel.

To create a diverse environment by employing a multicultural and multilingual staff.

To expertise accessible by hosting medical lectures and conferences for the medical community in Qatar.

To optimize the internal and external exchanges of information and data.

To conduct biomedical research and encourage medical research through our extensive laboratory resources.