Gastric Balloon

This is a non-surgical procedure where a deflated balloon is placed into the stomach and then inflated to help with portion control.

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Navigating weight loss journeys can be challenging, but procedures like the gastric balloon offer a non-surgical approach to kick-starting your transformation.

Let’s uncover the details of this innovative technique and its role in weight management.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is a non-permanent, inflatable medical device placed in your stomach via an endoscopic procedure.

It occupies space, making you feel full faster and reducing food intake.

Why is it necessary?

For individuals struggling with obesity or those needing assistance in jumpstarting weight loss efforts, the gastric balloon provides a non-surgical intervention.

It aids in reducing appetite and fostering portion control.

Who performs it?

Specialized healthcare professionals, including gastroenterologists or bariatric specialists, conduct the gastric balloon placement procedure.

Their expertise ensures safe and effective insertion of the device.

Who needs this procedure?

Those seeking a non-surgical method to initiate weight loss or individuals ineligible for, or hesitant about, surgical interventions might benefit from the gastric balloon.

It’s an option for jumpstarting weight loss efforts.

What are the consequences of not undergoing the procedure?

Neglecting to explore the gastric balloon option might delay progress in weight loss journeys.

Its unique mechanism for reducing appetite and fostering portion control could be missed, impacting weight management goals.


The gastric balloon serves as a non-permanent aid in weight loss, offering a bridge to sustainable lifestyle changes.

Its role in appetite reduction and portion control aids in initiating the weight loss process.

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