Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Al Farid Hospital

Discover the transformative possibilities of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Al Farid Hospital. From breast reconstruction to regenerative procedures, our expert team and cutting-edge technology await to fulfill your desired look.

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Reconstructive surgery covers a plethora of various procedures performed to help repair damaged tissues. The cause of tissue damage may range from traumatic injuries to birth defects, as well as severe burns and diseases.

On the flip side, plastic and cosmetic surgery deals with improving and uplifting a patient’s body. As a result of state-of-the-art technology and innovations, modern surgery has reached new heights.

Today, surgeons specialize in an array of areas and techniques to help patients achieve their desired look.  Here we discuss plastic and reconstructive surgery at Al Farid Hospital:

What are the Different Types of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Here are some of the most popular types of plastic and reconstructive surgeries patients seek:

Breast Conditions

These are of various types, including:

Breast Reconstruction

That helps restore your breasts to their normal shape, symmetry, size, and appearance following a mastectomy. This may be done in two different ways; implant-based reconstruction and flap reconstruction.

If you are considering breast after a mastectomy, make sure you discuss it with your doctor beforehand.

Breast Reduction

Otherwise known as mammaplasty, breast reduction is an intricate procedure that helps remove excess breast fat, skin, tissue to reach a breast size that matches the proportion of your body.

It’s also the perfect way to relieve discomfort from overly large breasts. Men and women alike seek breast reduction.

Facial Reconstruction

These include:

  • Facial reconstruction necessary after a trauma
  • Facial reconstruction required after tumor resection
  • Jaw straightening, otherwise known as orthonathic surgery

Surgeries for Feet and Hands

Hand and feet surgeries help fix the following issues:

  • Boost flexibility
  • Combat carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Enhance function
  • Fight off  arthritis 
  • Fix trauma
  • Fix webbed fingers
  • Improve strength
  • Improve Dupuytren’s contracture

Regenerative Procedures

These are of various different types, such as;

  • Bio-prosthetic interfaces that connect humans to machines
  • Bone regeneration
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Burn care
  • Custom made tissue flaps
  • Fat grafting and adipose stem cell therapy
  • Generation of new skin with the help of tissue expansion
  • Hand and face transplantation
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Scar treatment
  • Wound care

Why is Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at an all-Time High?

According to an in-depth study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the pandemic has led to a 10% increase in cosmetic surgery. At the same time, the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reveals that despite the strict lockdown and SOPs, cosmetic surgeries were up by 20%.

Not to mention, insightful data by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that Americans are leaning towards newer, more innovative ways to shaper their bodies. This is because minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have increased by a staggering 200% since 2000.

The fact is that plastic and reconstructive surgery has been on the rise for the past couple of years. Learning the motivating factors driving people to seek plastic and reconstructive surgery is a great way of understanding why it’s at on all-time high.

An in-depth research revealed that women who had lower self-esteem, life satisfaction, few religious beliefs, and high media exposure were more likely to seek cosmetic surgery. Although mostly women are attracted towards cosmetic surgery, the research reveals that the number of men considering these procedures were substantial too.

Pros of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Here are some of the perks of seeking plastic and reconstructive surgery:

Improved Self Confidence

Improvements to your appearance can help you feel good. As a result, you get a boost of self-confidence which may open you up in social situations and help you try new things.

You may even want to wear types of clothes and participate in activities that you were afraid to join due to discomfort from your appearance.

Better Physical Health

Some plastic surgery and reconstructive surgeries are known to improve your looks, as well as physical health.

For instance, rhinoplasty can enhance the aesthetics of your nose, as well as improve breathing. On the flip side, breast reduction surgery boosts the body contour, but it can also relieve neck and back pain caused by disproportionate breasts.

Boost Mental Health

There are several mental health benefits that come from plastic surgery procedures.  In fact, multiple surgeries show that patients a notice a reduction in social anxiety after surgery.

This is typically because new look inspires new feelings of self-confidence and offer a willingness to take on new challenges.

Why Choose Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Al Farid Hospital?

Located in Villaggio Mall, Doha Qatar, Al Farid Hospital boasts a plethora of perks for patients across all ages. Here’s why you should choose plastic and reconstructive surgery at Al Farid Hospital:

Revolutionary Tech

Al Farid Hospital boasts a wide variety of state-of-the-art and latest tools and tech. With the help of these revolutionary tools our doctors help you achieve your dream look.

Safe and Effective Procedures

Your safety is our first priority. For this reason, Al Farid Hospital uses the safest, most secure treatments to reconstruct and perform surgeries on parts of your body.

No matter if you choose otoplasty or burn care surgery, Al Farid Hospital follows the proper procedures to ensure our patients are always safe and sound.

Team of Professionals

Every single one of our doctors boasts years of experience and accredited degrees to ensure you can count on us to assist you in striving for your desired look. Visit our website today, book a schedule, and get started on your desired plastic or reconstructive surgery!


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