Dr. Karam Al-Qassab

Assistant Speciality (Pediatrics)

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Dr. Karam Al-Qassab is a dedicated Assistant Specialist in Pediatrics, now offering his expertise at Al Farid Hospital. With an impressive educational background that spans continents, Dr. Al-Qassab has earned recognition from the Arab Board of Pediatric Specialization and the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland. He holds a Professional Diploma in Pediatrics and a Diploma in Pediatrics from Iraq, further augmented by an Ontario Graduate Certificate in Autism and Behavioral Science from Canada.

Dr. Al-Qassab specializes in General Pediatrics, with a particular focus on Autism and Related Disorders. He is proficient in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a cornerstone in the management of autism, providing early diagnosis and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. His approach integrates specialized intervention programs designed to meet the unique needs of each child, ensuring personalized and effective care.

At Al Farid Hospital, Dr. Al-Qassab’s commitment to pediatric care extends beyond traditional methods, incorporating the latest research and techniques in the field of Autism and Behavioral Science. His holistic and compassionate approach to treatment makes him a valuable resource for families seeking comprehensive support for pediatric health and developmental issues.

Doctor Can Help With

General Pediatrics

Autism and Related Disorders

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Early autism diagnosis and early intervention

Specialized intervention program


Arab Board of pediatric specialization

Royal College of Physicians in Ireland Professional Diploma in Pediatrics


Diploma in Pediatrics


Autism and Behavioral Science Ontario Graduate Certificate