Dr. Alexander Frias

Consultant – Diagnostic Radiology

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Dr. Alexander Frias, an accomplished radiologist from Cuba, is now extending his professional services at Al Farid Hospital. Dr. Frias specializes in a broad spectrum of ultrasound techniques, offering comprehensive diagnostic imaging services that include general, transvaginal, transrectal, muscular-skeletal, thyroid, parotid, testes, and various obstetric scans (3D, 4D, and pregnancy), alongside gynecology, pediatric, vascular Doppler, breast, newborn hip, and newborn brain ultrasounds. His proficiency in utilizing advanced ultrasound technology ensures precise and reliable diagnostic outcomes for patients across different age groups and medical needs.

Holding the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Medical Sciences of Granma, Cuba, Dr. Frias is deeply involved in the academic development of future medical professionals. He is recognized as a Specialist in Radiology from UMS-G and began his illustrious career in medicine after graduating as a Doctor in Medicine from the University of Medical Sciences of Santiago de Cuba. Dr. Frias’s extensive academic background and practical experience make him a valuable asset to Al Farid Hospital, where he is committed to providing exceptional care through state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging.

Doctor Can Help With

General ultrasound

Transvaginal ultrasound

Transrectal ultrasound

Muscular-skeletal ultrasound

Thyroid ultrasound

Parotid ultrasound

Testes ultrasound

3D obstetric scans

4D obstetric scans

Pregnancy scans

Gynecology scans

Pediatric ultrasound

Vascular Doppler ultrasound

Breast ultrasound

Newborn hip ultrasound

Newborn brain ultrasound



Barium Studies


Assistant Professor

University of Medical Sciences of Granma, Cuba

Specialist in Radiology


Doctor in Medicine

University of Medical Sciences of Santiago de Cuba

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