A positive new patient experience

As an Orthodontist, my patients’ satisfaction is paramount. Efficient, fast, excellent results, and a positive experience top my preferences. Transparency, time, and clear communication build trust. That’s why you should book your dental procedure at Al Farid Hospital.

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In my practice as an Orthodontist, my ultimate priority is to make new patient’s experience an exceptional one.

In order to achieve this goal, I ask every patient what they like to see at the end of my esthetic treatment.

What the patient wants is more important than what I, as his doctor, want. If the patient is happy while following the ethical and professional rules, then I have succeeded in making his experience worthwhile.

Top desires

Through a simple search, I have found that our dental patients, especially orthodontic patients, have four top desires:

  1. Efficient and esthetic treatment,
  2. Fast treatment,
  3. Excellent results, and,
  4. To be wowed by the clinic and all the team members.

Young patients

With a new young patient, I always insist on having both parents in the first consultation.

This establishes a feeling of trust and transparency. I explain clearly what I would like to do, for how long and how much it will cost.

Answering all your questions

It is of critical importance in our practice to giving the needed time for a first consultation.

By giving the right amount of time to answer all the questions patients have, it makes the patient feeling taken care of.

It sets a positive tone for our long-term procedures with the family.

Indeed, they appreciate that we dedicate our precious time for their inquiries, and allow them to understand all elements of the diagnosis.

Also, it is important with both young and adult patients to not promise more than what we can do, and explain all the eventual treatment complications. Set the expectations right from the start.


Finally, a signed consent form for adult patients or the parents including all details about treatment plan, duration, and charges is crucial to protect our practice and communicate with the patient in case of misunderstanding.

I hope that these small tips can help us give the ultimate best care to our patients

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